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Bouldering at Hunters Rock - 9/28-30/2012

posted Oct 1, 2012, 5:58 PM by Gordon Araujo   [ updated Dec 30, 2012, 1:53 PM by Gordon Araujo ]
Seven members of Crew 5.14 departed for Penn State this past Friday for a weekend of PSU Creamery ice cream eating, bouldering at Hunter Rocks, hiking on the Mid State Trail, eating Puerto Rican food, and meeting one of our new crew members, John B. You might be wondering why it sounds like we ate a lot of food and had a lot of fun! Well, you first need to consider that as members of Crew 5.14, we aim to have FUN while going to new places and trying exciting activities. 

Friday night, we left from Reading Rocks for a 2.5 hour drive to PSU. Along the way we stopped at the Red Rabbit drive-in in Duncannon for some BBQ, Burgers, and fries. Then, arriving in State College, we started our trip out right by meeting John Becker and making our way to the PSU Creamery. Nothing says yum after a 2.5 hour drive like a huge cone of ice cream (or 2 milk shakes, if you were Cody). Smores were also on the menu for the night snack, but our fire remained small on account of wet wood. Nevertheless, we were able to sit around the fire and have a blast (snack food consisted of green beans - fresh from Gordon's garden - dipped in honey mustard).

Saturday morning, we awoke to a healthy breakfast - Huevos Rancharos - tortilla, black beans, eggs over easy, and sauteed peppers.

What a great breakfast to prep us for bouldering at Hunter Rocks. This was the 2nd time our crew bouldered outside - and these were some challenging problems to work. Take a look at the rock though, it was superb sandstone on the top of a mountain ridgeline.

You can even see that John B had a blast, while struggling to hold onto his first sloppers. Thankfully we had great weather, so the rock friction was incredible.

We even made new friends while out climbing. Hello to Matt and Maggie who were in from PSU and LVCC. We were also happy to meet 4 more boulderers from the State College area. It was a chill day at Hunter!

After a great day of bouldering, we return to the Seven Mountains Scout Camp to cook up some Puerto Rican food. On the menu was pegao rice, Puerto Rican beans, zucchini, and steak! What an amazing dinner (sorry for not getting a picture - you will have to believe us that the meal was delicious).
Sunday, was another great day. After a fast breakfast - oatmeal, we departed our campsite on foot for a 2 hour hike. Up, Up, Up was the first order of business. Only 20 minutes of steep grade, but it was enough to get our hearts pumping. Finally, we were on the Mid State trail. 

What a great rugged trail! It had the look of not being heavily utilized like the AT. You knew that you were out in nature, free of other hikers who could root you to civilization. Thanks for an awesome weekend!