Wilderness & Remote First Aid 4/13-15/2012

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2012-04-14 WRFA Training

Bouldering at Hunters Rock - 9/28-30/2012

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Seven members of Crew 5.14 departed for Penn State this past Friday for a weekend of PSU Creamery ice cream eating, bouldering at Hunter Rocks, hiking on the Mid State Trail, eating Puerto Rican food, and meeting one of our new crew members, John B. You might be wondering why it sounds like we ate a lot of food and had a lot of fun! Well, you first need to consider that as members of Crew 5.14, we aim to have FUN while going to new places and trying exciting activities. 

Friday night, we left from Reading Rocks for a 2.5 hour drive to PSU. Along the way we stopped at the Red Rabbit drive-in in Duncannon for some BBQ, Burgers, and fries. Then, arriving in State College, we started our trip out right by meeting John Becker and making our way to the PSU Creamery. Nothing says yum after a 2.5 hour drive like a huge cone of ice cream (or 2 milk shakes, if you were Cody). Smores were also on the menu for the night snack, but our fire remained small on account of wet wood. Nevertheless, we were able to sit around the fire and have a blast (snack food consisted of green beans - fresh from Gordon's garden - dipped in honey mustard).

Saturday morning, we awoke to a healthy breakfast - Huevos Rancharos - tortilla, black beans, eggs over easy, and sauteed peppers.

What a great breakfast to prep us for bouldering at Hunter Rocks. This was the 2nd time our crew bouldered outside - and these were some challenging problems to work. Take a look at the rock though, it was superb sandstone on the top of a mountain ridgeline.

You can even see that John B had a blast, while struggling to hold onto his first sloppers. Thankfully we had great weather, so the rock friction was incredible.

We even made new friends while out climbing. Hello to Matt and Maggie who were in from PSU and LVCC. We were also happy to meet 4 more boulderers from the State College area. It was a chill day at Hunter!

After a great day of bouldering, we return to the Seven Mountains Scout Camp to cook up some Puerto Rican food. On the menu was pegao rice, Puerto Rican beans, zucchini, and steak! What an amazing dinner (sorry for not getting a picture - you will have to believe us that the meal was delicious).
Sunday, was another great day. After a fast breakfast - oatmeal, we departed our campsite on foot for a 2 hour hike. Up, Up, Up was the first order of business. Only 20 minutes of steep grade, but it was enough to get our hearts pumping. Finally, we were on the Mid State trail. 

What a great rugged trail! It had the look of not being heavily utilized like the AT. You knew that you were out in nature, free of other hikers who could root you to civilization. Thanks for an awesome weekend!

Adventures in Scouting - New River Gorge - 5/27-29/2011

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Finally, a posting of our trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  In May 2012, we were asked to join the Adventures in Service program at the New River Gorge to participate in a service project with the New River Alliance of Climbers.  Thanks to the members at WELD that were our gracious hosts and photographers.  With the help of Kenny Parker from NRAC, we completed a bolt replacement project on Two Bag Face, 5.9, at Workman's Wall, Fern Buttress after removing a deteriorated piton.  In addition, we were able to climb the newly re-bolted route.  That night our crew members were treated to pizza at Pies and Pints.  Our members also got to experience authentic climber camping at Roger's Campground in Kaymoor. On our second day of climbing, we went to Rehab Wall at Meadow River.  During this climbing experience, two of our members were allowed to sport lead two of the routes.  The entire crew also bouldered a few problems at the crag.  Take a look at the pictures and videos put together as promotional materials for The Bechtel Summit, the home of the future National Scout Jamborees for the Boy Scouts of America.

2011-05-29 New River Gorge

After returning from our trip, our local newspaper, The Reading Eagle, prepared an article about our crew's experience at the New River Gorge.

The blog for The Bechtel Summit prepared three articles about our crew's experience:
Three videos were also prepared about the climbing high-adventure program being developed at The Bechtel Summit for the Boy Scout National Jamboree 2013.

New River Rendezvous Rock Climbing, Part 1

New River Rendezvous Rock Climbing, Part 2

New River Rendezvous Rock Climbing, Part 3

Climbers Gone Clean - Schuylkill Scrub - 05/22/2011

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Crew 5.14 participated in its first Schuylkill Scrub by removing an unauthorized campsite from the Hay Creek Watershed.  As a part of this effort, the Crew removed a campfire circle and trash from the site.  Take a look at our pictures below for an idea of the level of work our members performed.  We removed 10 bags of trash from the site, mostly beer cans and bottles.  We also removed a discarded bicycle and chair.  At the fire pit, the sterilized soils and rocks were disbursed into the surrounding vegetation.  Organic materials were then added to the pit to restore the environment to natural conditions.  As shown in the pictures, this cleanup effort involved the use of rock climbing equipment to remove trash from the embankment adjacent to the the camp site.  This was a great experience for the 6 members that participated in our first Climbers Gone Clean.

2011-05-22 Schuylkill Scrub

Adventures In Service at the Summit - 5/28-29/2011

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The Summit Bechtel Reserve is combining hard work and big adventure to get the SBR ready to open in 2013. How? By asking Scouts and Venturers to put their shoulders into a lot of local service projects and by tackling some of the challenges the gorge has to offer, the SBR will be ready to all Scouts on time.

As a part of the Adventures in Service program, the SBR has invited Crew 5.14 to participate in a climbing promotional film at the New River Gorge.  Below is the tentative agenda for our service project and filming.

Saturday, 5/28/11, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. tentative

Bolt Maintenance Service Project, Fern Buttress
Talent: Venturing Crew 514, Kenny Parker, possibly Mike Williams  
Film Crew: Keith, Crenshaw, George, Jay, possibly Steven Hedgecock

Focus: New River Alliance of Climbers (NRAC) service to the gorge and the climbing community; NRAC's thoughts about the opportunities the Summit will give Scouts; introduce Venturing Crew 514; the bolt maintenance project itself

Sun. 5/29/11, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. tentative
Talent: Venturing Crew 514, possibly Mike Williams or another local pro  
Film Crew: Keith, Crenshaw, George, Jay, possibly Steven Hedgecock

Focus: The foundation of Scouting for Venturing Crew 514; Sport Climbing and the NRG

Climbers Gone Clean - 5/22/2011

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Time: 9am - Noon 
Location: Hay Creek Road (PA-82) near the Millard House

Crew 5.14 will be rehabilitating a trail and removing a campsite.  This is our first conservation activity as a crew in partnership with the Schuylkill Scrub.  The Hay Creek Watershed Association has provided guidance on projects needed within the watershed.  More Climbers Gone Clean to come.

Swim Checks (5/17/2011)

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Last minute reminder that Swim Checks are tonight at 7pm at the Governor Mifflin Intermediate School Pool.  Swim checks are required for water activities in the Crew.  Please plan to attend, especially if you would like to go rafting at the New River Gorge during this summer's Super Activity.

Birdsboro Climbing (5/1/2011)

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Members of Crew 5.14 having a great time sport lead and top rope climbing at Birdsboro Quarry. It was a busy day full of lots of routes and meeting many members of the local climbing community, as well as catching up with old friends.

Our first time to the Bird!  What a great day to have a ton of new experiences.  Our members tasted their first bit of outdoor climbing - no gym climbing anymore.  Josh and Jake worked on their first outdoor leads and learned how to tear down an anchor.  Mark and Marissa challenged themselves on a few slab routes and fought their way up an overhung route.

Tick list:
Itching to Climb (7+/8)
The Sixth Element (6)
Neophyte's Delight (6)
Dancing Nancy (7)
Whimpering Wookiee (7)
Connor's Climb (5)

2011-05-01 Birdsboro Quarry

Popcorn Month - May 2011

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Supporting Scouting has never been easier!

Each of our scouts are working hard to raise funds to purchase their own harness, helmet, and shoes.  Currently, Crew 5.14 has $1,000 worth of Trails End Popcorn for this fundraiser.  Please support our youth in raising funds to support their "expensive climbing addiction."  If you are interested in supporting our members, please contact  Our youth would greatly appreciate your support.

Fundraising Dates:
Wednesday, May 11 in Shillington, PA
Saturday, May 21 at Walmart in Hamburg, PA
Wednesday, May 25

Products for Sale:
Chocolate Lovers, Sweet & Savory, Cheese Lovers, Chocolatey Carmel Crunch, Caramel Corn w/ Nuts, Butter Toffee Light, Unbelievable Butter, Butter Light, Carmel Corn, Popping Corn

A Visit from Andy at East Ridge Outfitters

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Andy form ERO stopped by at our meeting this past Wednesday to talk about the latest gear on the market.  In our discussion we discussed the different types of shoes (e.g., synthetic vs. leather lined, board vs. slip lasted, etc.), harnesses, and helmets.  Thank you Andy for bringing all these materials to our meeting so our members could learn more about climbing equipment.

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